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Progress Reports

Since MSU 2030 was endorsed by the Board of Trustees in September 2021, academic and administrative units as well as theme-focused workgroups have engaged in planning, prioritization and implementation activities to achieve the goals outlined in the plan. Progress is shared periodically in reports that provide performance on key metrics, outline selected initiatives and highlight stories illustrating important work in each strategic theme area.


4/4/2022 - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: VP CDO Jabbar Bennett


3/21/2022 - Sustainable Health: EVP Norman Beauchamp


3/8/2022 - Stewardship and Sustainability: EVP Melissa Woo, SVP CFO Lisa Frace


3/1/2022 - Innovation for Global Impact: Provost Teresa Woodruff, EVP Norman Beauchamp, VP Doug Gage


2/15/2022 - Staff and Faculty Success: Provost Teresa Woodruff, EVP Norman Beauchamp, EVP Melissa Woo


2/1/2022 - Student Success: Provost Teresa Woodruff and SVP Vennie Gore


12/16/2021 - President Stanley and VP Beekman