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The strategic plan is the culmination of 20 months of planning and diligent work by many Spartans. This section provides links to numerous important planning documents and reports that provide a deeper look into the planning process and the areas of focused examination that led to the creation of the final plan.

Download the Strategic Plan

A limited number of printed copies of the strategic plan have been produced for use by the Office of the President. Download a PDF of the publication (PDF 43MB.) Please note that the printed plan and this PDF are an abbreviated version of the strategic plan content. Explore the full strategic plan by using the Plan Navigator on this website.

MSU 2030
PDF (43 MB)

Download other reports

Leadership Retreat Summary Report (PDF 2.8 MB) 
Engagement Report on Values Development (PDF 893 KB) 

Focused Inquiry Reports:

Land Grant Focused Inquiry Group (PDF 107KB) 
Values Development Subcommittee (PDF 732KB) 
Optimal Scope and Scale Subcommittee (PDF 326KB) 
Online Learning Strategy Subcommittee (PDF 480 KB) 
Institutional Resources Subcommittee (PDF 1.2 MB)