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Excellence in Trauma-informed Response/Communication

RVSM holding hands

Supporting the success of undergraduate and graduate students relies on the well-being of the talented and dedicated faculty and staff who make those efforts possible. As part of our commitment to create a workplace culture and environment in which staff, faculty and postdoctoral research associates thrive, MSU has made relationship violence and sexual misconduct (RVSM) resources and services available not only to students, but also to faculty and staff.

We will continue to build on our growing strength in trauma-informed response, expanding our reach to staff and faculty in several areas, including:

  • MSU Safe Place, the first and only campus-based domestic violence shelter, serves faculty and staff families and provides training and consultation to MSU academic and staff units
  • The MSU Center for Survivors provides advocates to faculty and staff participating in Title IX RVSM investigations and hearings
  • A Climate Response Team has been created to work with academic and nonacademic units to create healthy work environments